Aroma Diffuser Humidifiers from Eastern Trading

Humidify your room whilst infusing the air with essential oils.

Why have an Aroma Diffuser Humidifier?

Aroma humidifiers are small devices which you can use in any room to raise the humidity (moisture level) in the air. Benefits of this include helping to work with dry skin, and relieving some of the effects of a dry throat.

They also look great as they come in a range of designs including wood effects, and modern designs and styles.

Several of our humidifiers have colour changing effects for a hi-tech fun touch.

Large Woodgrain Humidifier Aroma Diffuser

How do they work?

The humidifier contains a tank of water which is slowly passed over an ultrasonic motor. This turns the water into vapour. This is not the same as hot steam from a kettle, as its cool and safe to be around pets and children.

You can also add essential oils to the water, and this will fill your room with the scent from the oil as well.

Other features

Depending on the model our humidifiers have a Bluetooth speaker built in, so you can have some background music to chill to.

Others have a digital clock, dimmable screens and multiple modes.

White Aroma Humidifier Diffuser

What is Aromatherapy?

Using our sense of smell to influence our mood and wellbeing has a long history going back several thousand years.

When you inhale air containing the vapourised essential oil it affects your body in two ways:

  • The oils directly affect the olfactory system, which is the part of the brain connected to smell, including the nose and the brain.
  • The molecules of oil itself enters the body. This then affects your emotions, heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, memory, stress, and even hormone balance. So its quite wide ranging, which its why it’s called “holistic”.

Fresh greenery with a neon sign saying "and breathe"

Aromatherapy Diffuser Humidifiers from Eastern Trading

Eastern Trading has a range of humidifiers for all kinds of situations. From small portable humidifiers, larger ones for bigger spaces and humidifiers with speakers we can improve the air you breathe.

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