NEXT YEAR. The Way to Pick a Brain Injury Rehabilitation Program. Choosing a rehabilitation facility for brain injury is one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make in the not too distant future.

Recovery Centers of America in Devon. It’s very important to be certain about the standard of care you or a loved one will receive when entering a rehab program. Call today to schedule Same-day admission: Although the final decision will ultimately depend upon individual circumstances like insurance and location, all rehab programs have characteristics which may be assessed, irrespective of your previous understanding of brain injury rehab or catastrophic harm. 443-282-1197.

Shepherd Center provides a list of questions that you may want to ask as you study programs. 235 W Lancaster Ave. We’ve provided a complete PDF list of critical questions which could be downloaded or read at the rehab near me bottom of the page. Devon, PA 19333.

In general, it’s best to compare three or more rehab programs to make an informed choice on the best facility for your loved one. Recovery Centers of America in Devon. General Questions: Call today to schedule Same-day admission: Exactly how many patients have been admitted to the brain injury rehab program every year? How many individuals has the facility handled with injuries similar to yours? What is the average age of individuals in the brain injury unit?

Are there any patients in the program of the same age and gender as the individual considering admission? Does the hospital focus on acquired brain injury rehab services or is it only one of the many medical services provided? Is the facility equipped to manage life-threatening emergencies on-site?

Are patients able to begin the rehabilitation process on the acquired brain injury unit even if they have significant medical problems? Are patients transferred to a different floor, unit or hospital if fresh medical problems arise? Does the facility provide services for each stage of retrieval, such as intensive care, inpatient rehab and health care services? Does your facility provide an inpatient program for people in a coma at a minimally-consciousness state? How often and for how long every day do patients undergo treatment by experts like physical and speech therapists? (Treatment needs to be no longer than three hours every day.) Are activities planned for individuals on evenings and weekends? Does your centre have fulltime clinical teachers for personnel training and development to make certain that all staff and faculty are practicing the hottest therapeutic interventions?

443-282-1197. Counseling Services: 235 W Lancaster Ave. What sorts of support and healing services are available — peer assistance, individual and group treatment, psychotherapy, neuropsychology, family counseling, vocational counseling and substance abuse counseling? Devon, PA 19333. Family Members: Inpatient Therapy. Are family members encouraged to take part in rehab? To what extent?

Does your facility have a family education program to prepare for future caregiving duties? Which kind of support do you provide after we return home? Are there any free or low-cost living arrangements for family members engaging in training? Outpatient Therapy. Outcomes: If you’re located in the Philadelphia area and need drug or alcohol treatment to yourself or a loved one, look no farther than Recovery Centers of America in Devon.

What percent of patients return to home or community rather than long-term care facilities? How can that compare to other treatment centers? Rehabilitation hospitals quantify patient ends in relation to "practical improvement. " What is the center ‘s average operational improvement measure (FIM) score and FIM change for individuals who have acquired brain injuries?

What is the center ‘s average length of stay for individuals with injuries similar to yours? In RCA in Devon, we’re a team of parents, spouses, neighbors and friends who understand and empathize with what you’re going through- the concerns, anxiety, stress and unanswered questions plaguing you.

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